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I have had to pleasure to have worked and played on Logan Martin Lake for last 20 years. When considering a purchase of a home on the lake you will need a full understanding of the lake itself.

The Coosa River reservoir was built in 1964 by Alabama Power. The Power Company operates the water flow in the lake principally to produce power. The lake level is normally maintained at full pool around 464 ft in the summer and lowered in the winter to control flooding. Depending on the location of the home it can make a major difference in the price, view and access to the lake in the winter. This is only one of the reasons you need a local Agent who is familiar with the areas about the lake. Let my experience in this area work for you. You can e-mail me at Diane@LoganMartinLakeSales.com..


Welcome To St Clair & Talladega County, AL and Beautiful Logan Martin Lake.. Vacation With Out Leaving Home…

Logan Martin Lake

Logan Martin Lake is centrally located off of I-20 about 30 miles east of Birmingham in St. Clair County on the Coosa River. The nearest town is Pell City, Alabama.  Logan Martin Lake borders St. Clair County and Talladega County. The lake has been nicknamed “Lake of a Thousand Coves” by locals, and has 275 miles of shoreline along its approximately 48.5 mile length. The Coosa River reservoir, with around 15,250 acres, was built in 1964 by Alabama Power Company. The Logan Martin Lake reservoir is sandwiched between Logan Martin Dam on the south and Neely Henry Dam on the North.

Logan Martin Lake has been fished five times by the Bass Master Classic and in 2012 the Bass Pro Shops held the Southern Open.   Because of the lake being back up when the Logan Martin Dam was built, it left many structures underwater.  The lake has an abundance of flats, humps, roadbeds and islands that hold fish.  Our lake is nationally recognized for its variety and size of bass.  It is an excellent recreational lake with fishing opportunities with some of the nation’s best fishing with largemouth bass, striped bass, blue catfish, crappie plus many more. This lake has become a haven for many anglers.

Come hang out, enjoy camping, boating, skiing and swimming with family and friends here at Logan Martin. If you are thinking of making your primary home or vacation home on Logan Martin, I have been a Logan Martin Lake Agent since 1995 and can locate for you the perfect retreat. View area listings

Young man fishing on a lake from the boat at sunset

Welcome to My Hometown

Pell City, Alabama

Pell City is located on the shores of Logan Martin Lake and is centrally located off of I-20 about 30 miles east of Birmingham.   Pell City is the largest city in St. Clair County.  Its population with the surrounding areas is estimated to be around 25,000.  In the mid 2000's, Pell City experienced a period of rapid residential and commercial growth.  This did not take away from the community charm that is warm and inviting.

Pell City was founded in 1890 by railroad investors and was named after George H. Pell of the Pell City Iron and Land Company, one of its financial backers.  The city was incorporated on May 6, 1891, but it nearly failed during the Panic of 1893. In 1902, the city was revived when Sumter Cogswell built Avondale Mills, which for years was a major landmark of the town employing many people until it closed. Thunder Enterprises purchased the building and began dismantling the factory in 2008.  During the process, the factory was destroyed by an accidental fire. The mill was the economic and social center of the town during its development and early growth. Besides the mill, other economic endeavors included agriculture and small Mom-and-pop businesses and retail outlets.  The construction of the Logan Martin Dam on the Coosa River in 1964 changed the geography of the town by creating a large lake. By doing this, it created a large recreational area which brought in new businesses, temporary summer residents and tourists and hundreds of new permanent residents building homes along the lake. View area listings at www.LoganMartinLakeSales.com



Talladega County

Beautiful Talladega County has so much to offer and is a great place to live, work and play.

Talladega Superspeedway

Welcome to one of the most exciting places our area has to offer, since 1969 Talladega Superspeedway has produced the most competitive and most exciting races in NASCAR.   Many records have been broken here including the fastest qualifying speed and the fastest average race speed.

International Motorsports Hall of Fame and Museum

The International Motorsports Hall of Fame and Museum is located next to Talladega Superspeedway.  The Museum is dedicated to the preservation of the history of motor sports. The value of its racing vehicles and memorabilia is estimated to be more than 15 million dollars and is still increasing.